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“This is real”

Emily Perry Three years ago Susie’s Place became the first Child Advocacy Center in Indiana to open a second facility. Branching out from Avon, Indiana, Susie’s Place Bloomington opened in 2011.

Over the last five years Susie’s Place has serviced over 3,000 cases, 1,070 of which were in and around Bloomington and Monroe County. Executive Director Emily Perry said, “When we do our job, we are the end of the bad stuff and the beginning of the good stuff.”

Det. Kevin Getz“This is real. This happens here and I just can’t imagine how difficult it would be to prosecute these cases without Susie’s Place,” said Detective Kevin Getz of the Indiana State Police Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force.

Just how real these cases are came to light recently after Detective Getz, working with the Indiana Department of Child Services on a lead from a local school, learned of a 10 year old girl who was allegedly being sexually abused.

“The child was brought to Susie’s Place in Bloomington. There she felt comfortable away from the cold, antiseptic police station,” said Getz.

During the interview at Susie’s Place, team members learned of the sexual abuse, but as Getz said, “technology was also involved, and this became a child pornography case.”

The Giving Tree EventWith the help of Susie’s Place, evidence was gathered, a case was built, a warrant was issued, suspects were captured, and the system moved at remarkable speed.

Rallying around the tree

On April 29, the Friends of Susie’s Place – Bloomington brought together dozens of community members at Serendipity to raise money and awareness for Susie’s Place. The mission of Susie’s Place is expanding to cover more than just abuse and assault investigations, but to take a preventative approach by working with local schools to develop anti-bullying campaigns and other outreach programs.

But these initiatives, interviewers, resources, and supplies cost money. Over $20,000 was raised for the Bloomington center and we could use more. As part of our Giving Tree, here’s what your donation can do.

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Susie’s Place impact:

  • 20 Forensic Interviews of Alleged Child Victim of Crime ($250 each)
  • 300 Community members educated on how to protect children from abuse
  • 4 Multidisciplinary Team Members attendance at the Dallas Crimes Against Children Conference

Be a part of the Trunk

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Susie’s Place impact:

  • Pediatric Sexual Assault Forensic Medical Exam Camera
  • One Month of Rent for Bloomington Child Advocacy Center
  • Non-Offending Caregiver Support Group for 8 Families

Be a part of the Roots

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Susie’s Place impact:

  • 1-Year Supply of Toys, DVDs, and Snacks for Children’s Waiting Room
  • 2 Tower DVD Duplicators for Child Forensic Interviews

Be a part of the Limbs


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Susie’s Place impact: 1 Year of Children’s  Forensic Interview Room Supplies

Be a part of the Branches

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Susie’s Place impact: 25 Gas Cards for Families

Be a part of the Twigs

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Susie’s Place impact: 10 Packs of Crayola Washable Markers

Be a part of the Leaves


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Three-year pledges are appreciated at each donor level.

The Giving Tree EventLarger donations are certainly welcome and can help us provide Bloomington with a Pediatric Sexual Assault Medical Examiner. Monroe County Prosecutor Chris Gaal said, “Right now we have to take kids to Indianapolis when we need a medical examiner. Often, this doesn’t happen because we don’t have the resources and neither do the families. This hurts our efforts, our cases, and ultimately the kids.”

Thank you for considering.

The Friends of Susie’s Place-Bloomington

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