Vicky Hillenburg

Administrative Coordinator

Vicky Hillenburg

Vicky is our part-time Administrative Coordinator at the Bloomington Office.  Vicky has worked in the Educational nonprofit world for 20 years.  When her office at Phi Delta Kappa International moved their offices to Washington, D.C., she moved to a job with IU Health in Bloomington.  While employed at IU Health, her office supported Susie’s Place as an outreach program at Christmas.  After doing a little more research about Susie’s Place, Vicky discovered there was a job opening for an Administrative Coordinator, she applied and accepted the job!  The administrative coordinator is a new position at the Bloomington office, so the job is a work in progress.

In her spare time Vicky enjoys spending time with her 4 grandchildren and her three grown daughters and their families.  She also enjoys taking discarded wood furniture and making it into something useful….with the help of her husband’s woodworking abilities.  When there is time and the weather cooperates, Vicky enjoys bike riding, especially in the State Parks.  She also enjoys volunteering at Jill’s House, and her church.

Susie's Place - Avon, Bloomington, Terre Haute

Susie's Place – Avon, Bloomington, Terre Haute