Become a snack sponsor

Becoming a snack sponsor is a simple act that will make you a superhero to the kids, families, and teams that visit Susie’s Place!

Here’s how your snack sponsorship works

As a Snack Sponsor, you may donate the listed items prior to the month you sponsor OR donate $150 to cover the cost of these items. It’s like offering a subscription service to our teams that lasts as long as you choose.

Often families and our teams of law enforcement, prosecutors, and DCS personnel are at any one of our three Centers for several hours while the investigations are being conducted.

Your sponsorship provides healthy snacks and drinks for the families and our teams. Plus, sodas are often meal-replacement snacks for team members.

Please know we need Snack Sponsors at each Center for every month.

Here’s what we need each month

  • (50) individual snack bags
    (chips, pretzels, Goldfish, etc.)
  • (50) individual treat bags
    (cookies, Teddy Grahams, Rice Krispy treats, etc.)
  • (50) juice boxes (prefer no pouches or squeeze bottles)
  • (24) squeeze applesauce pouches
  • (24) individual packs of snack crackers
  • (10) individual beef jerky or Slim Jims
  • (10) small microwavable foods (Chef Boyardee, mac n cheese, etc.)
  • (6) 12 packs of soda
  • (5) cases of water bottles
  • (3) boxes protein snack bars
  • (3) bags individually wrapped candies and fun-size candy bars
  • (3) boxes granola bars

All donations are tax-deductible. Please contact Jessica Barnett with questions.

Become a Snack Sponsor

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