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Serving Monroe, Lawrence, Morgan, Owen, Green, Brown, and Bartholomew Counties

Susie’s Place in Bloomington offers forensic medical exams on-site through Riley Physicians regardless of insurance status or the family’s ability to pay.

Our team is on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

365 S Park Ridge Road Ste. 103
Bloomington, IN 47401

Phone: 812-822-1570

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What is Susie’s Place in Bloomington?

Susie’s Place is a facility based community partnership dedicated to pursuing the truth in cases involving alleged crimes against children.

These facilities, called Child Advocacy Centers, ensure children are not further victimized by the interventions intended to protect them.

Forensic Interview Chair

What is a Child Forensic Interview?

A child forensic interview at a CAC is an age and developmentally appropriate, information-gathering interview of an alleged child victim of a crime or a child witness to a violent crime.

Forensic Interviews follow a semi-structured forensic interview protocol designed to be non-leading and non-suggestive and always prioritizing the needs and safety of the child.

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What is a Multidisciplinary Team?

CACs utilize a multidisciplinary team approach to investigate and intervene in cases involving allegations of crimes against children to ensure a child-focused approach. An MDT consists of the following professionals:

Law Enforcement • Child Protective Services • Prosecution • Victim Advocacy • Medical Personnel • Mental Health Personnel • Child Advocacy Centers

Caseload over the Years

Susie’s Place caseload since 2009

Susie’s Place in Bloomington serves hundreds of cases each year. Across all three centers, Susie’s Place has served over 10,000 children in the last decade.

Meet our Bloomington Team

Emily Perry
Founder, Executive Director, and Child Forensic Interviewer
Lynn Clinton
Associate Director
Melissa Brown
Forensic Interviewer
Erin Freund
Child and Family Advocate
Vicky Hillenburg
Administrative Coordinator
Kelly Hunckler
Forensic Interviewer
Olivia Sarchet
Medical Case Manager
Susie's Place - Avon, Bloomington, Terre Haute

Susie's Place – Avon, Bloomington, Terre Haute