Protecting children from abuse, neglect, and sexual assault

Serving west-central Indiana from Avon, Bloomington, and Terre Haute, our team conducts forensic interviews of children involved in informed instances of maltreatment.

We Will Step Up

We will step up in 2022—and you can help

The last year has brought many challenges, but with your help and continued support we will step up.

Avon • Bloomington • Terre Haute, Indiana

Where Nurture and Protection Come Together

Over 5,000 adults will be trained this year to spot the signs of abuse.

The Stewards of Children training instructed by Susie’s Place staff trains adult caregivers, parents, teachers, coaches, and everyone willing to stand up against child abuse. It’s free and available regularly in communities around Indiana.

Online safety

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The latest from Susie’s Place

We’re on a mission

To provide a neutral, child-friendly center to investigate alleged child abuse and neglect in Indiana, while keeping the comfort and safety of the child the first priority.

Our vision is to strengthen our community’s ability to nurture and protect children.

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Over a decade of difference

Susie’s Place has conducted over 10,000 interviews and served 10,000 children since opening in April 2009. #DecadeOfDifference

Over 10,000 families have turned to Susie’s Place in their time of need, plus, our prevention education team has shown thousands of teens and children important lessons in body safety. Together with hundreds of donors and supporters, we’re helping make our communities around Avon, Bloomington, and Terre Haute in west Central Indiana resilient against abuse and neglect.

Susie's Place - Avon, Bloomington, Terre Haute