What Does Susie’s Place Do?

Every ten seconds a child abuse report is made somewhere in the United States, and more than four children—usually those under the age of 4—die needlessly every day as a result of abuse and maltreatment.

We’re working with all of our partners to make sure our community is a safe place for everyone.

Susie’s Place is a safe, neutral, non-leading, non-suggestive place for children to speak regarding allegations of crimes against them.

We see our interviews as the start of a healing process for children. When they come to us this may be the end of a bad situation and the start of something better.

  • Anyone who is an alleged perpetrator is not allowed into any Susie’s Place center.
  • Forensic Interviews will be scheduled for reported victims who are part of an open investigation with the Department of Child Services, law enforcement, prosecutor’s office.

Seeking truth and preventing abuse

While our mission is still to seek the truth during an interview, we’re also working toward the goal of preventing the reason for the interview, and essentially stopping child abuse and neglect. That’s why we offer these additional programs:

We also work as advocates for the families and children we serve

Our Child and Family Advocate provides an on-going supportive relationship to our children and their non-offending families who are affected by physical abuse, sexual abuse or neglect. They provide

  • Crisis intervention
  • Assistance in filing violent crime compensation requests
  • Assistance filing protective orders
  • Providing domestic violence intervention

In addition to that, they assist with court support during hearings as requested, and linking families to community resources, partner organizations and mental health providers.

Our advocate is that link, keeping families informed and addressing any concerns or fears they might have on both a fact-based and holistic level.

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