Indiana school districts find different ways to approach social media

Brian Bondus, for FOX 59:

While school districts across the state continue to expand their online curriculum, they are all experimenting with what social media sites to allow or not allow for students and staff.

“It really is something school corporations are struggling to figure out how to have some uniformity and constituency with the technology,” said Emily Perry, founder of child advocacy center Susie’s Place.

The Indiana Department Education compiled a map that includes every school district in the state and has information about their technology plans and social media policies.

“This new resource you shared with me really gives parents one more tool to better understand, ‘In my school district, what is the policy? What does my student have access through the technology that a lot of schools are now providing?'” Perry said.

The map lists five social media sites; Blogger, Facebook, Google +, Skype and Twitter. The school districts either allow the services to everyone, teachers only or block them completely. There’s a wide discrepancy between districts even within the same county.

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