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Donations by the numbers

When we ask for support, we use big numbers—in 2022, we interviewed over 1,400 children from 42 counties, a huge number of interviews, advocacy conversations, medicals, counseling sessions, and dog snuggles.

Beanie Babies in a pile at Susie's Place

A child named Kaylee

A child we’ll call Kaylee attends a Susie’s Place-facilitated body safety program at school. She grows uncomfortable and checks yes for a follow-up conversation.

Inside the Terre Haute construction

Why the move in Terre Haute?

What’s so necessary about “more space”? Room to breathe matters. The basics of a Child Advocacy Center doesn’t sound like it requires much to operate. A few comfy chairs, some discreet recording equipment, and a couple of meeting rooms and offices and work can get underway. Back in 2017 when we scoped out the current location for our Terre Haute center, this was all we needed. Up until last year, Terre Haute technically functioned as a “Satellite CAC” with the Avon location of Susie’s Place acting as the hub. But Susie’s Place has grown in both depth and breadth of services in the past six years. In Terre Haute, and at our two other locations in Avon and Bloomington, we include Child and Family Advocacy professionals, more forensic interviewers, and an aggressive prevention program to teach adults and children how to prevent child abuse. These services need attention and space to meet demand not just from Vigo County, but neighboring counties, too. More families come to Susie’s Place in Terre Haute and the resulting overlap of multiple families receiving our services can be a challenge for privacy and scheduling. Forensic interviews rarely wrap up neatly like a television drama – …

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