Recommended reading: @Sophie Takes a #Selfie

We’ve come across a book any parent should consider reading. @Sophie Takes a #Selfie, by J.J. Cannon discovers the many dangers kids and teens are often unaware of online. That goes for boys just as much as it does girls.

From Amazon:

Author, J. J. Cannon, Freelance Writer and Social Media Pro, is fascinated and inspired, not only by the dichotomy of the not quite emotionally mature 8-10 year old socially active set, but girls of all ages who are interested in definitive guidelines for what constitutes appropriate online behavior. “Sophie” symbolizes every young girl, tween and teen (maybe even Mom or Grandma) in possession of a smart device, which the Author likens to a stick of dynamite if used without proper guidance. The whole wide world opens up to Sophie who can now be in constant communication with friends and share anything in an instant on her favorite social media site…but should she?

You can buy it from Amazon Smile and help support Susie’s Place with your purchase.

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