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Social Media Resource Guide for Caregivers

We’ve put together a list of apps and sites parents should know about. Your child may use these sites legitimately or illegitimately, and many you may have never heard of.

Recommended reading: @Sophie Takes a #Selfie

We’ve come across a book any parent should consider reading. @Sophie Takes a #Selfie, by J.J. Cannon discovers the many dangers kids and teens are often unaware of online. That goes for boys just as much as it does girls.

A Parent’s Guide to Children and Technology

Today’s kids are surrounded by technology, both during and after school. It is important for kids to learn how to responsibly use the many tools available on computers and smart devices. But unsupervised access to technology can create risks for children. Just as schools have rules for the acceptable use of technology by students, it is also important for parents to think about how to exercise supervision over children’s use of technology in order to preserve privacy and avoid problems such as sexting and cyber-bullying. Here is some useful information to help parents develop their own rules for safely monitoring and setting limits on the use of technology by their children. This video was produced by the Monroe County Prosecutor’s Office.

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