What to look for on your child’s phone

WTHR Indianapolis has a helpful story on smartphone apps and hidden dangers:

The dangers may be the apps on your child’s phone. At first glance, they are harmless looking icons that could allow your son or daughter’s content to be seen by strangers.

“We were in shock,” said Ericka Pickell.

Ericka’s talking about “YouNow”, a live video streaming app her 12-year-old daughter used during a recent slumber party.

“I typed in one of the girls’ names and up pops these three 12-year-old girls – my daughter and her friends, and they’re talking to total strangers – live,” said Pickell. “It’s a live slumber party for anybody to watch. I thought, ‘Anybody can be seeing this. This is kind of scary’,” said Pickell.

Pickell used the experience as a teaching moment.

“Maybe we needed to have a deeper talk about the potential dangers about what could be lurking out there and who could be talking to,” said Pickell. “We kind of got graphic about predators and what could happen. People are not who they say they are and it’s pretty scary.

There are 11 apps that make their list of apps to watch for, including the popular YikYak and Kik.

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